61370 Prestige Carbide Tipped Super Fine Dado/Groover 4 Dia x ATB Grind x 4 Teeth x -10 Deg Hook Angle x 1/4 to 1 Kerf x 3/4 Bore for Shaper Machines


(D) Diameter4
(d) Bore3/4
(a°) Angle-10°
ATB Angle15°
Groovers(5) 1/16, 1/8, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4
Kerf Range1/4 to 1
Max. t1-1/4

Prestige Mighty Adjustable Super-Fine Dado / Groover for Shaper Machines

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Our Prestige™ Dado Set cuts perfectly smooth edges, flat-bottom cuts and grooves both along and across the grain that are free of splinters or rough edges. This set consists of seven cutters made of a hard wearing steel tool body complete with four tungsten carbide tips. Ideal for producing different dado cuts, slots and rabbeting in softwood, hardwood and man-made boards on a shaper machine. Width can be adjusted as required using included shim set.

Tool No.Shim set
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