Cope, Stick and Tenon Entry Doors?

Help! I'm making 2-1/4" thick frame and panel entry doors with cope, stick and tenon joinery.  Can I use the new Amana cope bit #47511 and the matching ogee bit#54131 that Amana recommends for 1-3/4" thick doors?

Seems to me that I could, with the difference being a wider tenon and wider groove. In this case up to 1/2" wider it seems. I'm having difficulty determining if there are limitations imposed by the bits, your insight will be greatly appreciated!


Kaneohe, HI

Our Expert

Yes, you can use the bits on 2-1/4" thick stock. As you have already mentioned, the tenon and panel groove will be 1" instead of 1/2" wide. To fill the panel groove, you can sandwich two panels back-to-back with 1/2" plywood in between.

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