Gooseneck Molding


In your book "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood" you demonstrate shaping a gooseneck molding with a shaper cutter. Is this cutter

Scott M.

Our Expert

The cutter that you're referring to is a custom shaper cutterhead. I supplied the drawing and the manufacturer made the cutterhead to match. As you might imagine, custom cutterheads are very expensive; unless you're running a furniture shop and building furniture full-time the cost of custom tooling, such as router bits and shaper cutters, is just too prohibitive.

A less-expensive alternative is to use several standard shaper cutters or router bits and combine them to create the profile. In fact, I illustrate this method in my book as well. And Amana sells Gooseneck Molding Bits and the process is illustrated in my Q&A column on this website under "Routing with Templates", "Gooseneck Molding".

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