Prototype dining room chairs


I was wondering if you could advise me as to whether or not I could use Amana # SC632 shaper cutter on my old Rockwell Shaper.  It's the lighter duty one with a 1/2" spindle.  I'd like to do pattern shaping for a set of chairs.  I've done single chairs with bandsaw, planes, and spokeshave but a set would be a different ball game.  I saw once where Amana had a straight, spiral cutter which would minimize  tear out but don't know about the size limitations.  Your advice would be appreciated, you've helped me out before. I do have your Shaper Book and I see where you recommend a 3/4 spindle for heavy duty work but that's not in the budget!  Thanks in advance.

-John E.
Las Vegas, NV

Our Expert

Template shaping is an efficient method for smoothing the curves of the chair legs. However, doubt that your 1/2" shaper has the power for such a tall cutter. Instead, I recommend the Amana Down-Shear Multi Trimmer. Tool no. 47094 has the required 2" cutting surface for the chair legs and the down-shear cutting action creates an incredibly smooth surface.





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